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The intention of the project is to support agro-ecological practices and strengthen 22 agro ecology led farmers in the District. The main aim being able to optimize the interaction between plants, animals, humans and the environment while taking into consideration the social aspects that needs to be addressed for a sustainable and fair food system. The project strengthens productive capacity of AE farmers through trainings. In this project, TSURO focuses on strengthening the intensive adoption of agroecological innovations in the Chimanimani and in Manicaland Province. It seeks to bring an improvement in the productive capacity of agroecology enterprises as well as an increase in the adoption of AE by the smallholder farming communities. The project shall support the setting up of practical large-scale agroecology demonstration sites at lead farmer farmers’ fields, which shall serve as working examples of practical agro ecology. These will engage the youth within the district. These will be linked to commercial productive activities.

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These young people will be trained to be champions of AE in their areas. To enhance sustainability of the demonstration sites, TSURO will link the sites to commercial productive activities like production of organic and or bio-fertilizers, where appropriate technology shall be procured and set up to support the production of organic amendments and livestock Moreover, the project seeks to empower young black smiths through training and equipping them in the production of appropriate technologies for seed drying, seed storage, and the processing of small grains. TSURO will work with the department of Climate Change of Bindura University to build the resilience and preparedness of the communities in disaster risk management. Community hazard profiling (hazard mapping) shall be done so as to develop a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan and disaster risk management. The project shall also support the establishment of a hazard forecasting/prediction station. Degraded and lands and ecosystems damaged by cyclone Idai shall be rehabilitated during the project life cycle. Land protection and water harvesting measures shall be done through the establishment of large-scale gabions and swales.

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