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Knowledge management department is the department that carries out the monitoring, evaluation, accountability, learning and advocacy work for the organisation. The department leverages the best available and most relevant knowledge based on both evidence and practice, from internal and external sources. The department is mandated to carry out programmes tracking so as to assess the performance of the organisation’s interventions to improve the current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impacts. This assists in measuring if TSURO programs are being implemented according to the plan also tracking progress towards specific targets for transparency, accountability and lessons learnt. It provides a way to assess the crucial link between implementers and beneficiaries on the ground and decision makers, it adds to the retention and development of institutional memory, providing a more robust basis for raising funds and influencing policy change. 

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The department gathers knowledge in the five knowledge centres in the communities, thereby creating a much stronger capacity to maximize field experience and the knowledge generated through engagement in community initiatives. It is the knowledge base were all TSURO documentation processes are done with participating farmers linked up with GPS, mapping, documentation of activities, human interest stories, public presentations, video filming, lessons learnt across programmes, and sharing these lessons. The department produces newsletters – TSURO News, Annual Public Summary of Activities (APSAs), short films/videos of best practices, biopic documentaries, posters, fliers and pamphlets. It also monitors the social media platforms like the TSURO website, Facebook page, WhatsApp groups and develops content for sharing in all these platforms. The department is responsible for the production of reports, carrying out of surveys ,data collection, collation and analysis using statistical softwares.The department carries out participatory data collection or crowd sourcing to facilitate and accelerate information, knowledge sharing and social mobilisation ensuring that communities establish benchmarks, develop and track milestones for their social action.

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