Chimanimani Farmer Action Learning Nutrition Security

Funded by Primates World Relief Development Fund (PWRDF)

TSURO Trust identified the need for a nutritional sound community since the community had been hard hit by several drought spells, inconsistent rainfalls as such came up with a group of 100 source farmers selected from Farmer Action Learning Groups (FALGs) and Community Health Clubs (CHCs). The project promotes practical actions to nutrition security through establishment of demonstration plots. Soil fertility improvement, nutrition deficit and land degradation are the key fundamentals of the project, therefore, the project offers trainings on agro-ecological practices to 100 source farmers for them to practice at their homesteads at the same time influencing other farmers within the district. Crop diversity is promoted under the project as it is fundamental to pest control and management. The project promoted women emancipation and harmonious families through trainings on gender and relationship building. Chimanimani Cyclone Idai Relief and Recovery Project funded by LandsAid LandsAid project aims to help the community of Chimanimani to recovery from the shocks caused by the aftermath of Cyclone Idai that struck Chimanimani on the 15th of March 2019.

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Three project thematic areas have been identified which are sanitation and hygiene, small livestock production, organic food and fruit production. Vulnerable households have been selected and trained on fruit tree propagation as well as provided with grafting and budding tools. Forests were greatly damaged during the Cyclone Idai period, therefore in collaboration with Forestry Commission, the project will provide natural tree seedlings to the community. The project has also ensured that the community households have access to improved sanitation facilities through the provision of materials and construction of Blair toilets. It assisted mostly women and the disabled even in the creation of disability friendly toilets. The project also seeks to alleviate poverty and hunger in the district through support for beekeepers and provision of honey harvesting kits. Beekeeping project funded by Cotsworld Foundation The intention of the project is to invigorate beekeeping in Chimanimani District. Young adults, women and men are incorporated in the project aiming to have a long run sustainability in the uptake of Kenyan Top Bar hives, quality honey production with improved processing, packaging and market skills.

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